• Government Contract Research
  • Company Audit
  • Peer Advisory
  • BusinessDevelopment/Consulting
  • Competition Analysis  
  • Bid Analysis
  • Contract Partnering Analysis
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Compliance
APM can help you with many aspect of your corporation business development growth.  We challenge you to grow yourself while growing your business. Our consultants do not Think outside the box...We ignore the box.  We roll up our sleeves innovate.   
APM Peer Advisory panel reviews your customer analytics and period of performance. The information is used to enhance market expansion, identify competitive advantages, identify growth opportunities, and improve procedures to achieve growth objectives. Our business philosphy is "You don't have to be the biggest to beat the biggest". Ross Perot

Our client base reflects the range of our expertise, which includes:

  • Municipalities
  • Start-ups
  • Government Contractors
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